Henri III CASTILLE (de) (I7833)
Given Names: Henri III
Nickname: Le Maladif
Surname: CASTILLE (de)

Sex: Male Male

Birth 4 October 1379 -- Burgos, Burgos, Espagne
Death 25 December 1406 -- Tolède, Toledo, Espagne

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Personal Facts and Details
Birth 4 October 1379 Father21Mother21 Burgos, Burgos, Espagne

Marriage 1393 (Age 14) Catherine LANCASTRE (de)
TitleRoi de Castille
Death 25 December 1406 (Age 27) Tolède, Toledo, Espagne

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Family with Parents
Male Jean Ier CASTILLE (de) ‎(I8495)‎
Birth 24 August 1358
Death 9 October 1390 (Age 32)
Female Leonor ARAGON (d') ‎(I8496)‎
Birth 1358 -- Santa Maria del Puig, Valencia, Espagne
Death 1382 (Age 24) -- Cuellar, Segovia, Espagne
Male Ferdinand 1er ARAGON (d') ‎(I7205)‎
Birth 1380 Father22Mother22
Death 1416 (Age 36)
Family with Catherine LANCASTRE (de) ‎(F3427)‎]
Female Catherine LANCASTRE (de) ‎(I7834)‎
Birth 1372 -- Bayonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine, France
Death 1 June 1418 (Age 46) -- Valladolid, Valladolid, Espagne
Female Marie CASTILLE (de) ‎(I7832)‎
Birth 1401 Father22Mother29 -- Ségovie, Segovia, Espagne
Death 1458 (Age 57) -- Valence, Valencia, Espagne
Male Jean II CASTILLE (de) ‎(I7837)‎
Birth 6 March 1405 Father25Mother33 -- Toro, Zamora, Espagne
Death 21 July 1454 (Age 49) -- Valladolid, Valladolid, Espagne

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