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Configure PhpGedView

You should review the readme.txt file before continuing to configure PhpGedView.

You may return to this configuration at any time by pointing your browser to edit_config.php or by clicking the link for Configuration on the GEDCOM Administration page.
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PhpGedView DataStore ?
Database Type ?
Database Host ?
Database Username ?
Database Password ?
Database Name ?
Database Table Prefix ?
Allow GEDCOM switching ?
Index file directory ?
Authentication Module file ?
Allow messages to be stored online ?
Allow visitors to request account registration ?
Require an administrator to approve new user registrations ?
Use simple mail headers in external mails ?
Allow users to select their own theme ?
Show Remember Me option on Login page ?
Archive log files ?
PhpGedView URL ?
This should be the URL to your PhpGedView folder. You should only change this setting if you are sure you know what you are doing. PhpGedView has determined this value to be http://francegenealogie.free.fr/PhpGedView/
Login URL ?
Session save path ?
Session timeout ?
Memory limit ?